Cover was randomly-generated by O RLY Cover Generator. I provided the user-input and refreshed the generator several times until I found a cover that I liked.

The "book" is actually a compilation of blog posts that were previously posted on As I write more blog posts on the topic, they'll be uploaded here as well. Don't forget to check back often!

Table of Contents (eBook last updated on March 20th, 2017):

  1. Structure in Computer-Generated Novels (original link at

  2. Using Templates In Computer-Generated Works (original link at

  3. The "Commonsense" Problem In Computer-Generated Works (original link at

  4. Who are the Audiences of Computer-Generated Novels? (original link at

  5. NaNoGenMo 2016 and My Predictions About Text Generation (original link at

  6. Using Machine Learning To Generate Human-Readable News Articles (original link at

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