Making a Small Withdrawal from Your Gnosis Multi-Signature Wallet with Ledger Nano S

  1. Open . Remember to verify links independently as well.

  2. Select “Settings”, change “Web3 Wallet” to “Ledger Nano S”, and select “Update”.

  3. Refresh the page.

  4. Select “Withdrawal” on your wallet.

  5. Select a very tiny amount of funds to withdraw from the wallet.

  6. Select “Send multisig transaction”.

  7. Follow the Ledger Nano S steps.

  8. Verify the destination on your Ledger Nano S is the same as the multisig wallet.

  9. Confirm the transaction, and open the transaction hash in EtherScan.

  10. Ensure the transaction went through successfully.

Note: the Gnosis Team will be releasing a new experiemental multi-signature wallet called the Gnosis Safe. Stay tuned for more exciting multi-signature wallet technology from the Gnosis Team.

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