Using KeePassX To Generate and Store Secure Passphrases

KeePassX is a password databasing, recording and generation tool. KeePassX comes pre-installed by default in Tails OS, an operating system that I recommend using for wallet generation.

KeePassX fairly easy to use, but here is a simple guide for first time users.

  1. If you are already using Tails OS, go to “Applications → Favorites → KeePassX”. Otherwise, open KeePassX in the directory you installed it in.

  2. In KeePassX, select “File → New Database”.

  3. Enter a very strong passphrase. You must decide something you should remember or record this passphrase either through memorization or secure in a safe place. This password should be long and very random.

  4. Select Internet.

  5. Select “Entries → Add New Entry..”

  6. Choose a strong and descriptive title for the passphrase.

  7. Click the “gen” button beside the “repeat” field.

  8. Select “Random” tab, with upper, lower, numbers and special characters selected.

  9. Select “Exclude look a-like characters” and “Ensure password contains characters from every group”.

  10. Select a good length (the longer the better).

  11. Select “Generate”.

  12. Click the Eye icon to view the newly generated passphrase (remember some parts can be cut off by the input field, so be careful when copying).

  13. Select “OK” and then “OK” again.

  14. Now make sure to save your KeePassX DB “File → Save Database As...”, preferably on the computer first, then copied to the SD card for backup (if you are using Tails).

  15. Once saved, remember to check your KeePassX DB and passphrase before using the passwords anywhere, try closing KeePassX and re-entering your database passphrase (preferably off of your SD card).

  16. Make sure the password you created is still there, by opening up the entry and viewing the passphrase by clicking the Eye icon.

Always remember to save your database and close KeePassX before ejecting the SD card you are using.

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