Level 4

This level has very complex setup options, using advanced software/hardware wallets, an offline computer, and a Gnosis Multi-Signature Wallet. This section is only recommended for expert users who are very technical or have a lot of funds to protect.

3 of 5 Gnosis Multi-Signature Wallet, Using an "Offline Computer" 🌨

  1. Setup/boot your Air-Gapped Offline Computer.

  2. Boot Tails OS via USB on your Offline Computer.

  3. Setup 5 Level 2 software or hardware wallets. Record those 5 account addresses offline.

  4. Boot your Online Computer.

  5. Open https://wallet.gnosis.pm/ in a secured browser.

  6. Use your Ledger Nano S to activate the wallet dApp.

  7. Select “new”.

  8. Specify your 5 account addresses as the owners of the wallet.

  9. Specify a daily limit. Keep it reasonable.

  10. Deploy the Wallet contract.

  11. Test a small submitTransaction transaction withdrawal with all 5 accounts, with the destination set to the account used.

    • By following this withdrawal process, hackers can see that you have potentially read this article and are following these instructions.

  12. Once all accounts successfully have withdrawn a small amount of funds from the wallet, deposit an amount slightly larger than the Daily Limit.

  13. Attempt a 3-signature withdrawal from the multi-signature wallet.

  14. Now you can use that multi-signature wallet as your cold wallet.

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