Final Thoughts on Tails

Notes On Using Tails

  • Tails can be run statelessly and without networking. This mode is great for offline transaction signing and account handling or creation.

  • In order to run JS enabled apps or webpages offline, you must copy them into the “Tor Browser” folder in Tails. From there you can right click and run in Tails.

  • Tails also comes with tools for verifying file hashes (e.g. MD5 hashes), safe browsing, and in stateless mode cannot be written to permanently. This is handy for handing crypto tools and files.

Notes on Tails Security

  • Remember, Tails is designed for privacy, not necessarily for complete security. They are synergistic and often go hand in hand, though.

  • Please read the Tails warning. Tails is not designed to cover everything. It is just generally safer and less leaky that most modern OSes.

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