Generating Bip39 Phrases and Passwords

  1. Startup Ian Coleman's Bip39 tool in Tor Browser (copy Ian Colemans Bip39 Tool's html file into the Tor Browser folder, then right click and select Open with Tor Browser. See "Booting Any Offline JS/HTML Tool in Tails".

  2. Select “Supply my own source of entropy”.

  3. Enter strong entropy for your seed (follow the Generating Safe Entropy Section).

  4. Ensure the entropy Strength rating is “Extremely Strong”.

  5. Set “Mnemonic Length” to “24 Words”.

  6. Now you should see your 24 word Bip39 Mnemonic seed phrase.

  7. Open KeePassX (Applications → Favorites → KeePassX).

  8. Start or open an existing KeePassX database

  9. Select “Entries → Add New Entry...”, select a strong title and select “gen”.

  10. Select Random Tab and all options except White Spaces.

  11. Select a long length (the longer the better).

  12. Click “Generate”, then select the Eye and copy the passphrase.

  13. Go back to the Tor Browser and the Bip39 Tool.

  14. Then, in the Bip39 Passphrase text field, copy the new KeePassX password in.

  15. Go back to KeePassX, click “OK” then “OK”, then save the KeePassX database in a safe place.

  16. Then under Coin, select “Ethereum”.

  17. Then all of the addresses under the standard Bip39 HD Path m/44'/60'/0'/0 will be prompted.

  18. You will find a long list of Ethereum account addresses you can use with that Bip39 seed and passphrase.

  19. Safely record your seed and passphrase, along with several of your addresses generated by the tool (so you can send/use them later).

Before using the accounts for anything...please backup everything safely and then attempt to restore your accounts that you generated. If you don't, there is a chance you haven't backed up everything properly and can/will lose all your Ether.

  1. Shutdown and unplug everything.

  2. Plug in Tails and your SD card and boot Tails Offline again.

  3. Plug in your data devices, open Ian Coleman's Bip39 tool in Tor Browser and attempt to recover your seed.

  4. Enter your 24 word Bip39 seed phrase from your backed up source

  5. Enter your Bip39 passphrase.

  6. Beside “Coin” select “Ethereum”.

  7. Scroll down and check the addresses you stored against the addresses on screen. If they are the same, then you have properly backed up your seed phrases and passphrases.

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