Attaining Hardware Wallets

  • There are countless scams attempting to sell you either pre-setup or maliciously programmed hardware wallets. Always buy Hardware Wallets directly from the manufacturer.

  • Scammers will often try to sell pre-setup hardware wallets on Amazon. The scammer has already written down the seed on their end before selling off the hardware wallet. When the user gets the device, they might assume naively that the device has already been 'setup' and then start to load crypto onto the accounts. The attacker will often wait for the account to be filled, then simply remove the funds to their own accounts. If you receive a hardware wallet with the seed pre-defined, you should immediately contact the manufacturer. Once again, this can be prevented by ordering directly from the manufacturer.

  • Always make sure the device is not opened or damaged in anyway before attempting to use it.

  • Always ensure, if there is a verification step, to verify that the device has come from the manufacturer's shipping address. Double and triple check that the website you are ordering from is the manufacturer's website.

  • Always do your background research on the manufacturer, the team who makes it, the community sentiment and the devices they produce. Tezor and Ledger S Nano are popular options used in the Ethereum community today...each with benefits and trade-offs. Make sure you ask around and do your own research to ensure you are making the best choice possible for your needs and funds.

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